Giant Tummy Stuffers

Giant Tummy Stuffers Help Get Your Kids To Put Clutter Away

Giant Tummy Stuffers Are Back!

Tummy Stuffers Giant Monkey

Giant Monkey – Click Here!

Tummy Stuffers Giant Ladybug

Giant Ladybug – Click Here!

The Giant Tummy Stuffers are a great invention. I don’t know why they didn’t think of it sooner! Before getting the toy, my son would decorate his room as he pleased. He had no interest in putting his toys away in a neat and organized manner.

My son’s room always looked like a mess. When I’d tell him to pick his toys up or fix his clothes, he would simply stuff them under the bed, inside his closet or anywhere he can squeeze them into.

There was no point in purchasing him shelf organizers since he had no interest in getting his room cleaned. I thought, “hey, he’s a kid. they’re allowed to be that way”. I never knew how wrong I was!

 When we saw the toy commercial on television, I had a bit of hope. The advertisement was about a little girl cleaning her room out and putting her things away using her tummy stuffer toy. Trent, my son, seemed to have wanted one, so we thought we’d get the Tummy Stuffers

New Tummy Stuffers 2014 – Wild Ones

Tummy Stuffers Polka Dot BunnyTummy Stuffers Striped CatTummy Stuffers Neon Giraffe






The jumbo Tummy Stuffers were cute little animals. They were “unstuffed” toys that you can fill with anything you want. It was a great way for kids to start cleaning their room and organizing their things. There were a lot of cute little animals to choose from. Trent chose the dog. It was cute, brown and had droopy eyes – a lot like our family dog.

Fun Storage Pets For Kids

Tan Dog Tummy Stuffer

13″ Tummy Stuffers

Now I realize that the decision to buy tummy Stuffers was a good one cauise now I am absolutely amazed at how clean his room is since we bought these jumbo stuffing pets! He just wanted to put everything in his new, helpful toy. He was playing with his toys and quickly putting them in his tummy stuffer.

At first, I had my doubts. I thought that his new tummy stuffer would end up like his other toys. I would be part of the gigantic mess of his room. But, boy was I wrong! He used it clear the toys on the floor. He would even bring it to the living room when he wanted to play with his toys there. Not only is this a fun storage device for kids, it helped him move his things around without taking two trips.

Stuffers Are For Stuffing

Stuffies Blaze The Dragon

Stuffies With Pockets

The amount of toys that fit in these big Tummy Stuffer toys is amazing! The television commercial shows it all. The one showing the kid stuffing the tummy stuffer with about a dozen toys was the one that got me. I was skeptical at first, but they really do fit in a lot of things.

The giant Tummy Stuffer animals are also easy to clean! You just take the contents out from inside their tummy and throw them in the wash. It’s that simple. There’s no need to hand-wash them, and the material is pretty durable, so you don’t need to clean them often.

Warning! You Might End Up Buying More Than One

My only problem now is that my son wants to collect all the characters. We’re still deciding which one to get next. I think we’ll probably end up getting them all. They also make the perfect gift. Giant Tummy Stuffers are great and kids absolutely love them!


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  1. peggy says

    I bought the giant from Amazon for $34.99 and got the 13″ inch one that I already bought. I gave it to my grandson for a gift and he opened it before we saw it was the same size we had paid $19.99 for ! they don’t take it back even if they sent the wrong item if you opened it. RIPPED off again.

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